Reasons to Begin Clinical Supervision:

State Licensure for Professional Counselors, Clinical Mental Health Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists

Build Clinical Competencies

Clinical Supervision is provided in a comfortable and convenient way. You will connect face-to-face with Dr. Baltimore using real time audio and video.

Confidential and HIPPA certified.

Click the button below and sign in with our supervision portal (wecounsel™). Give your information and choose Dr. Baltimore as your provider/supervisor. Look at the calendar for the next available opening and schedule. Once it's confirmed, that's it.

Due to the procedures involved, payment for sessions must be paid in advance. You may pay at any time once your appointment has been confirmed up until just before the session is to begin.

Return to this Link to begin your session at your appointment time. Check your video & audio below.

 Begin Online Supervision

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By Clicking, you will enter the waiting room prior to your appointment time. Contact Dr. Baltimore to begin.

Ph. 706.464.1777

Considerations for online counseling and supervision: There are pre-requisites necessary for the secure connection. Consider that this type of connection is private to you and having a quiet location that you can control for noise and other interruptions that might take place. Audio and video performance are a critical factors and your internet connection, audio speakers that do not disturb others and cannot be heard by others is essential and, of course, a webcamera. Webcameras on desktops, laptops and tablets provide sufficient video signals. Also, you make sure to test your equipment for picture and sound before beginning. Consider your closeness to the camera and background visuals.

Dr. Baltimore is happy to meet with you without charge for the initial setup, if necessary. This secure site insures that your privacy is safe and that technology issues are addressed quickly. Type in your name and then hit "enter" or the "check in" button. That will place you into his waiting room. From there it requires no direct action on your part after check in.

It's important to note that this portal currently only supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It requires both a webcam and microphone to use our site. Most laptops have these built in.

When you first load the virtual waiting room, the browser has a popup message that asks for you to allow access to your camera and microphone. Usually use the mouse is used to hit the 'allow' button, but you are able to hit the button using the tab and space bar on the keyboard. Once you have tested your video and audio, you are ready to begin. Finally, online telemental health and telesupervision is fully compliment with State and Regulatory laws and our office works to provide the best in care and training.